Robin Wallace


Director of Communications

As director of Communications, Robin is the creative and strategic force behind our media, messaging and communications services. An award-winning writer with more than two decades of experience in print, digital and television journalism, Robin is also a veteran political operative who’s served as a field operative, campaign manager and communications strategist on dozens of campaigns across New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Connecticut. 

Robin specializes in “field communications”– the merging of media messaging with ground operations. As adept at writing a speech and producing a video as she is at analyzing canvass results and managing volunteers, she understands how they all come together.

The observational and listening skills she developed over her long journalism career, and her signature, immersive approach to relationship-building, enables Robin to write on any topic in any format and capture a client’s voice with nuance and precision. Our clients count on Robin to understand their thoughts, feelings, goals, priorities and sticking points better than they do, and to be there to provide clarity and focus, and protect their message, during times of crisis and distraction. 

From direct mail to digital media, Robin ensures your campaigns meet the highest creative and artistic standards, and is crunching the data to make sure your campaign has been designed to achieve optimal results with your target audience.

Robin left her two-decade career in the news media to serve as an expansion state field director in Pennsylvania for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, led campaign operations for northwestern New Jersey for Gov. Phil Murphy’s historic 2017 election and served on the communications team for Paterson Mayor Andre Sayegh’s 2018 campaign. She’s worked on campaigns for all levels of government, including leadership roles on three campaigns that resulted in the historic, first-time elections of LGBTQ candidates to municipal offices. Robin’s professional accomplishments include authoring the keynote address delivered at a national event by a prominent legislator, ghost-writing a trade paperback chronicling the innovative techniques of an internationally renowned entrepreneur, being selected for publication by’s “Life As We Know It” essay anthology, and presenting at campaign trainings for women candidates and emerging operatives. She was among the first operatives in the country to run an all-digital, all virtual, all vote-by-mail campaign during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic shutdown. She delivered a landslide victory for her candidate.

Robin has a degree in filmmaking from New York University and is a certified public speaking coach and yoga instructor. She is the recipient of several New Jersey Press Association Awards and the Athena Award for Magazine Writing. Robin is a lifelong resident of Essex County, NJ.