Anchira Jaquez Ferreras


Executive Administration & Office Manager


Managing all the moving parts and dynamics of the The BGill Group requires a very special skill set—which is why we have a very special and skilled professional like Anchira “Angie” Jaquez Ferraras at the helm of our office apparatus. Angie manages our calendars, our meetings, our events, our internal communications and our office and facility operations, all while expertly performing her primary role as the executive assistant to CEO Brendan Gill.

From her organizational skills to her technological acumen, Angie’s extensive experience working for top executives at large health care networks and corporations keeps our operations running smoothly. Born in the Dominican Republic, Angie spent her childhood and teen years between the United States and the D.R. Her diverse professional background includes executive administration, communications, sales, and using her fluency in English and Spanish to hold bilingual positions. She’s worked for El Specialito, the top Spanish-language weekly newspaper in the United States, served as an assistant in the Communications office of the Dominican Republic’s Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, and taught English at the European Academy in the DR. Angie’s versatility and adaptability is just what we needed at The BGill Group, when her first week on the job involved spearheading our move to a brand-new headquarters!

Angie has a degree in publicity from the University Action Pro Education and Culture (UNAPEC) and lives in Bergen County with her partner and three children.